odi et amo Quare id faciam, fortasse requiris
hey! since you are such a skilled gifmaker (and you're also kind and sweet) i would like to request (well, more like sugest tbh) a gifset showing both sansa and ned similarities, and arya and catelyn (i think many associate sansa with cat and arya with ned for obvious reasons, but there is so much more...)

Hi! Thank you so much, you’re so kind <3

I love the idea so much! I know what you mean, we (me included) tend to associate Sansa with Cat, and Arya with Ned for obvious reasons, and, even if that’s a real connection there, it would be really interesting to explore how Sansa also takes after her father, and how Arya has so many things in common with her mother :)

I’m not taking requests at the moment, because I still have more than 10 pending (I’m so ashamed, I’m super lazy this summer, and so is my computer.) However, with your permission, I would like to write this idea down and work on it in the near future, because I felt in love with it :)

Thank you so much for bringing this idea to me!

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